Welcome New Members!

We are so glad that you decided to join the world’s largest amateur women’s golf association!  You have opened the door to many, many golfing opportunities and to a new group of women who you soon will be calling friends.  The purpose of this section of our web site is help you become familiar with some of common practices and to become more comfortable with our Chapter.  Please submit questions and we will publish answers here on subjects of general interest.  Check back often as we’ll be adding items frequently.

One of the biggest challenges people face in a new situation is getting to know peoples’ names and attaching names with faces.  Here’s a couple of hints:

  • If you know in advance who is in your foursome or if you know the names of participants in an event, check their Profiles on our web site. We are encouraging members to upload their photos to make it easier to get to know one another.
  • Existing members usually have LPGA Amateurs name tags on their golf bags. You can learn a player’s name by casually checking their bag tag.  If you are like me, you might have to check it several times during the round.  But that’s okay!

You will hear members talk about “ready golf”.  We practice that in our chapter and try hard to maintain a brisk pace of play.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t understand that newer golfers might require more time.  We were all beginners once.  There are also some guidelines here for “The Fun of Golf” that new golfers might want to follow.  Just remember that you can only post your scores to maintain a handicap when you are playing by the formal rules of golf.

If you have any questions about LPGA – Amateur Golf Association or about our chapter, please contact Kathy Strong at currentmembers.lpgaamateursroc.com.

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New Member FAQs

What do I do? Where do I go? What should I wear?

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Golf Etiquette

How Do I Keep Up?

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Lets Have Fun!!

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